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Howdy Y'all!
Thanks for taking an interest in my opinions and views on music.
A few of my followers have asked who I am, so here's my "About me" section!
I was born in Auust 1977, around the same time that Elvis Presley died! This 'fun fact' was drummed into my head from an early age because Mum was a big Elvis fan! She always told me how she was in the hospital after giving birth to me when she heard the news. She was devastated and felt like the world stopped for a little while. It wasn't until 2009 that I completely understood what she meant. I am a big Michael Jackson fan, so I felt that same "stillness" when he died in 2009. Anyway, I'm the youngest of 4. I have two older sisters and an older brother, and yes, my Mum still calls me her 'baby!"
I was born in the country town of Ballarat in Victoria, Australia. A fairly large town that's known for being cold! I went to "Our Lady's Help of Christians" catholic school until grade 4 when my parents seperated and I moved to the inner suburb or Bruswick in Melbourne with my Mum, Mums new partner and sister, Sharyn. (My 2 older siblings had left home by then)
Mum's new man was an absolute asshole and was physically, mentally & emotionally very abusive to Mum, my sister and myself. I hated him and I hated Brunswick. I was a country boy & I associated this city living with the abusive life I was living at the hands of my Mums new partner. I wagged school for the most of grade 4 and went through a really tough time emotionally. We moved to an outer suburb of Melbourne called Craigieburn when I was in grade 5 and I liked it a lot more than Brunswick. The town's motto was "City living cuontry style" so it suited me more! The people were friendlier and I made some great friends that I remain friends with to this day. 

My first Day of school - 1983

At the age of 16, as most boys do, I grew into my own, forming my own views & opinions and started fighting back to the abuse my step-dad threw at me. I resented the fact that my real dad moved away & slowly saw less of us. For years I had watched helpless as my step-father had beaten and abused my sister and Mum, but I was becoming a man now and found myself rebelling and fighting for them, as well as myself. I was soon shipped off to boarding school! I hated it. I missed my friends, I worried about Mum & Sharyn. This boarding school specialised in the sports so was fully of "sporty" students. I was in NO way in to sports. Music was my haven. I was an outcast at this school, so quite simply, I didn't go! I would hitch-hike back to Craigieburn where I'd hang with my friends and try and get back into my home. Mum kept taking me back and I kept running away! This only lasted 6 months before she gave in and couldn't keep up anymore, so she enrolled me into Coburg Secondary College. I went from one extreme to the other. One of the most expensive exlusive schools for the sporting elite to a down-town, run-down old school with a violent reputation. It wasn't back with my friends where I wanted to be, but I was back at home after hours, so we were getting there! I finished year 10 at Coburg High & then returned to Craigieburn Secondary School. At last I was back where I wanted to be.
Mum's marriage lasted about 9 years. The worst 9 years of my life, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger & I remember 'bumping into' this man a few years later when I was a grown man and bigger and stronger then the man that I used to cower from. That was a memorable moment I wont forget in a hurry!